i4500 winch mooring system

Our i4500 series has the capability to be customized to suit your needs as the customer, have a Tower Crane need a Load Cell or Load Pin Urgently , no problem.   

i4507 Offshore System Safe and Hazardous Area

i4507 Hazardous Area System

Offshore system offered for both safe and hazardous area. Can also add additional options such as up to 4 camera's, slew indication, wind speed and more. 

Customised for OEM's or End Users

i4500 in 10inch display

Capability of customizing software to suit your needs. CANbus communication allows capability to show engine data and more.

Onboard Weigh Solutions


With our complete range of On Board Weighing solutions for your Truck, Trailer, Crane , well just about anything have a look at our range is there isn't anything that we can't customise to fit your requirement. 

Lighting Products


Stocking a wide range of LED lighting products to keep you safe when other will leave you in the Dark. 

Work lights, Flood Lights, Light Bars and Vehicle Safety Lighting

Deutsch Electrical Kits and Tools


The Deutsch® DT-Kits are the basic starter kits for the popular DT Series of connectors. Each kit contains all of the pieces necessary to make a connection in a convenient parts box.

Monitoring Equipment

Wireless Windspeed Kits

R180 Wireless Wind speed Sensors


Looking for a Wireless Wind speed indicator?

Rayco Wylie Australia currently have the R180  Wireless Wind speed indicator in stock and ready for immediate shipment Australia wide, next day delivery to major Capital Australian Cities. 

All orders shipped FREE INTO STORE

Wireless Load Pin Shackles and Load Links

Wireless Load Links and Shackles ex Stock !

With a huge range in stock and ready to send to site there is no solution that we cant provide when it comes to the need of a wireless load shackle or load link.

Stocks ranging from 6T through to 300T 

Delivery to Every Major City in Australia within 48 hrs

Running Line Monitors Onshore and Offshore Solutions

Running Line Monitors Installed on a Crawler Crane

With Rayco Wylies Rugged design these Running Line MOnitirs are perfect for your operation, albeit installed on a construction crane or required to be a special manufacture for both onshore and offshore applications, system can be tailored to suit your needs including construction materials and Data Analysis options, we have your requirement covered

Load Pins, No Problems!

Bespoke Load Pins

Require a Quality Load Pin at a moments notice, No Problem! 

We have load Pins for Every Application and with a delivery time of Three days to Any Major Capital Globally we can have you up and running in no time ! 

Our load pins are of the Highest Quality from the best European Manufacturer dont risk it with anything else but Quality from Rayco Wylie Australia

Gantry Crane Load Systems

Gantry Crane Load Systems

 At Rayco Wylie Australia we supply complete load monitoring solutions for all overhead gantry cranes. There are various ways of achieving this to suit all budgets.

With complete Systems tailored to your needs contact us or see our Download Section for more information.

Wired Camera Solutions Single, Twin, Triple or Quad.

Brigade Camera Solutions - Wired

Our cabled camera monitor systems enable drivers and operators to manoeuver and drive safely with increased visibility. Vehicle-mounted CCTV backup, front view, side view, and 360 degree cameras deliver a live feed on the monitor of everything in the camera view, including people or obstacles. These cameras are also effective for multi winch monitoring. 

See our Downloads section for more information or contact us for a detailed quote today